Performing A Clean & Check


Every year homeowners spend hundreds of dollars on repairs and air conditioning replacements. Save yourself the headache of spending unnecessary cash by having Burk's Heating & Cooling assist you with the maintenance and upkeep of your air conditioning unit.

Still wondering about the benefits of contracting us for air conditioning maintenance services? Here are just a few...

  1. Preventive Maintenance. Lessen the chances of your air conditioner going out. Avoid unnecessary breakdowns. Preventive Maintenance will help to ensure that your unit is functioning at maximum capacity, and ultimately helps to maintain the longevity and life of your unit.

  2. Energy Efficient. A well kept cooling unit will keep your energy cost down.
  3. Prevent a Service Call. By regularly having your unit maintained, you lessen the likelihood that you'll have to make a maintenance call.
  4. In gist, having annual maintenance done on your air conditioning unit will ultimately give you peace of mind that your unit will be ready to operate when you need it most.